Starting with the vision to offer reliable repairs and service to both consumer and business partners at a friendly price, Full Motion Technologies was born. With the experienced leadership of the company having extensive knowledge in both consumer and business products and services, and a strong passion for technology, we provide service that keeps your technology-side of life running smoothly allowing you to spend more time doing what you enjoy. We are here to make sure that your life stays in Full Motion. With wide ranging products from Wi-Fi installation to phone screen replacements, we are the ones that get it done the first time. With available FMT 360 Protection, we can make sure your devices stay safe and working year round. We offer full service contracts to our pro and business customers allowing you to run your business, not play with the wires. From eMail to phone systems we have you taken care of from start to finish. Our screen repairs are quality you can trust with a lifetime warranty on all parts and service. With most repairs being a 24-hour return time we can get you back on track in no time. We even offer a rental service for when you you need it now, from laptops to cellphones, to full server systems (our Gold customers get this service for free). We are the leader in home automation service, from installation of cameras to whole home smart services. Saying “Hey Siri I’m on my way home” will active your lights set the temp and even let you know who’s home. Also working with Alaxa and Google home to have all your products working together seamlessly. Call us today to see how we can get you and your technology back into Full Motion.

Contact Info:

Full Motion Technologies

PO Box 3122

Altoona, Pa 16603

(814) 414-0814